Be yourself! 7 Affirmations to believe in your voice

Written by, Laura Ramsey

read time 5 minutes

It can be tempting to song-write just for the sake of trying to create something your favorite artist has done and sold millions of copies of.  There really is no way to write good songs without infusing that unique part of yourself into your art though.  Those things that are different about who you are are the things that make you special and a new voice.  Your story is worthy of recognition.  Be yourself in your music or you are doing yourself and the world a great disservice.  

I believe in my ability to express my voice through song. 

Non-constructive criticism cannot stop me from expressing my true voice. 

I trust myself to express my true voice. 

My voice is unique and worthy of song. 

The more I express my voice through song the easier it becomes. 

I will maintain my integrity In lyric and video to express my true voice. 

I am here on Earth to share my music from my perspective.

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