3 Steps To Fix A Mistake In 10 Minutes

Written by Laura Ramsey 

reading time 3 minutes 

Mistakes are no big deal.  In fact when we make them we can learn a lot and discover new techniques and possibilities.  So congratulations if you’re making mistakes!  Sometimes, a mistake made over and over again can get you down though.  This 3 step technique takes less than 10 minutes to assess and complete if done correctly, so don’t worry over spilled milk!  Or a clumsy fingering or fretting. 

  1. Identify the mistake.  I’ve never met a mistake that fixed itself by ignoring it! 
  2. Break out the problem area and slow it down, and I mean way down.  Gradually increase the tempo to match the rest of the song as it becomes cleaner. 
  3. Integrate it back into the song.  You may need to slow down the rest of the song to do this and gradually get back to the intended tempo.

If this is not working, it may take a few practice sessions, but if you don’t take the time to break it down, slow it down, and reintegrate the problem will never be fixed and never is a heck of a lot longer.

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