Meditative Groove

Lessons and mental techniques to feed the creative genius

The rhythm of nature is my greatest inspiration. Where do you find your GROOVE?”

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Lesson Learned

Balancing Anxiety and Intonation

This week marked revelatory moments for some of my students, which as a teacher is completely thrilling!  It’s like seeing the world through another’s eyes; or in this case, ears.  Instance #1 involved me teaching a student to tune a…

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3 Steps To Fix A Mistake In 10 Minutes

Written by Laura Ramsey 

reading time 3 minutes 

Mistakes are no big deal.  In fact when we make them we can learn a lot and discover new techniques and possibilities.  So congratulations if you’re making mistakes!  Sometimes, a…

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Why I started Express Yourself! Songwriting

I have always had a strong desire to make a positive social impact in the world.  I started with raising funds for animal welfare in grade school and doing volunteer work at homeless shelters and hospice care centers in high…

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10-Point Checklist To Be Ready For Your Session

Being prepared is the best road to success.  My junior high school teacher taught me this and it may be the single most important advice I’ve ever received, because prepared means everything is prepared.  It’s like your umbrella of success. 

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5 Ways To Curb Fear Based Practicing

Written by Laura Ramsey

Reading time 2 minutes

There is such thing as too much practice.  It happens when practice is paired with tension, fear, and anxiety.  Sometimes a practice routine can become a form of obsessive compulsion…

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4 Ways To Get Your Kid To Practice

Written by, Laura Ramsey 

read time 4 min 


1. Don't try to when they are throwing a fit not to. 

Try this: When they see their favorite musician on TV or on Spotify at home and…

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