Express Yourself! Songwriting Workshops

Intuition in songwriting involves more than your body and mind.  It involves connection to your emotions and spirit, without which your song would be barren and unmoving.  The most essential element to song writing is the story and where that story comes from.  Secondly, the melody and textural tone and rhythm of each note.  A sail to send your voice into the world.  

Your voice is important.

I see you.

Share your unique voice with the world, because only you can do it.

Namaste, Om Shanti

Laura Ramsey

I have always had a strong desire to make a positive social impact in the world.  I started with raising funds for animal welfare in grade school and doing volunteer work at homeless shelters and hospice care centers in high school and college.  As a lifelong Music student through to high school graduation and going on to study music at Berklee College of Music, I had a good understanding that Music carries huge social impact for good or bad.

In 2015, following the heroin overdose death of a good friend, I started to really see how big the opioid crisis our country faces truly is.  It was a massive eye-opener that my circle of friends could be impacted; a circle of kind, loving, and deeply caring people.  My friend loved my music so much that his death set my mission in stone.  I was going to use my music to affect mental health by providing a safe outlet to life struggles in safe environments as far and wide my feet could carry me...

         ...and so I am.


Express Yourself! Songwriting is about sharing your story and your voice without bias for where you come from or how you got to where you are.

                                        Musically yours,



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